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The theme for this round of Collabor88 is Espionage, but I went a different way with the fantastic items on offer. I felt that with the scooter, the camera and looking so fabulous, I could be one of those crazy Paparazzi people, but with class. I mean who would not let me into a red carpet affair looking so gorgeous, and while my camera may be huge, who is going to question my dedication to instagram.

The theme is definitely fun and exciting, and what guy or gal would not want to get their spy on. Or even together, as … Read more at the source.

Redheads have more fun! Lots of C88.

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After two days of trying I finally got into C88… yep it was a lag fest but well worth it. I spent upwards of 4k there I know that is excessive for a non Gacha event.. even for me. But oh boy there were just too many things, I could have kept buying too but I really did not want to break the bank totally there is more events on the 15th and towards the end of the month! I also remembered the stockings from a past C88 event I had been wanting to wear them for a while but … Read more at the source.

Alluring Love

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Kim by Phoenix Hair is now at Hairology! Kim is long and flowing, and more than a little untamed with some fullness on top. Long hair lovers must add this one to their collection!
At the Swank event, you’ll find Allure‘s lovely Tristin cami dress, heels and mesh red rose. It’s fitted to show off your curves and the heels are perfect for eyes to capture them and move back up in appreciation.
Also at Swank, Outside the Box shares with us these adorable furniture and decor pieces – Hippie Shelf, a Love Ladder with cuddles (animated, … Read more at the source.

Knock You Out

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A short post today! Ahhh so much to do! So let’s talk about this outfit. Now I’m not one for applier outfits but this one is a winner for me! Some reason I felt like a boxer. Of course minus the boots for boxing. No Idea why I felt that way but I did. The outfit includes top, pants and boots. Roll call please! This outfit works for the following : Maitreya, Omega, TMP, Slink, EVE, and Classic Non Mesh Avatars. 
Now for the cherry on top we have our song for today by Keri Hilson enjoy ^.^
* Appearance Read more at the source.

Rekt Chasing Cars – Featuring [SWANK]: [Wood Works] and *GLITTER*

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I knew Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars song before today. I’d heard it played on Internet radio and in the car, inundated with it for a while, and it moved into that pocket of ‘I really liked that song but it’s old now and something else has come along’ category. Then I watched the finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 on Netflix and heard the song played several times in the two hour program and I was rekt.
Characters from beloved books and programs become part of our world and when they feel something, if they’re well written and well acted, … Read more at the source.

The Making of a Man!

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The Making of a Man!

I don’t have a significant other, partner, mate, or special someone! I don’t have anyone to go to give me a back rub or point out the poppy seeds in my teeth! There’s no one I can count on to leave the toilet seat up or leave the tube of toothpaste squished the wrong way! But if I did….I’d hope that he had Sam Elliot’s voice, Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, Daniel Craig’s butt, and Jon Bon Jovi’s generosity! Oh….and I don’t want to forget, Brad Pitt’s wallet!

So, I’m wearing the Bedazzled Babydoll from Flippant and I have no one to … Read more at the source.

Valentines from Sn@tch!

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We have so many Valentine’s Specials that it’s SILLY! Check out the Deals this WEEK at Sn@tch
This set of fishnet crop tops with pasties. 10 Included 
with Omega Applier Hud only $50 L
There’s a NEW Fishing Outfit this week too! 21 parts to fish for 4 FREE! 
Available for sale too if you don’t want to wait  
All Gift CARDS for Valentine’s week are HALF OFF TOO!
There’s a big display on the wall with the Specials! 
We also have a whole wall of $25L outfits with a V-Day theme and there’s a FREE gift
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my love you didn’t need to coax

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Brand new round of Collabor88 and so so good. This round is the prom round and many of the regular designers asked a fellow designer as a date and omg. ALL THE THINGS!

Glam Affair released more versions of Sasha and I am thrilled. As much as I love all the mesh heads, I am a die hard Glam Affair skins fan and I still really dig my system face. Sasha is one of her latest system skins and suchhh a beauty.

Hair is by Tableau Vivant and it is a huge new fave. I love the strands floating around … Read more at the source.

Hanging Around At The Mill

In Events, Fashion by Guinevere Kirshner




hair: Runaway – Jill *new* at Hairology
head & skin: The Sugar Garden – Runa
eyeglasses: Zoom – Cateye Glasses *new* at The Dressing Room
necklace: ANE – Tris Maze Necklace *new* at Collabor88
jacket & top: NS cutie store – Padded Jacket
leggings: LAZYBONES – High Waist Leggings *new* at The Chapter Four
boots: Friday – Nina Boots *new* Collabor88
nail polish: Veechi – double agent nails *new* at Collabor88
apple prop: Elephante Poses

poses are in the fence where photos were taken at the mill.

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