All In the Numbers

In Events, Fashion by Aerlinniel Roughneck

You’ll get a few wolf whistles with this little barely there number. A suggestive number on the shirt, this outfit is for home or perhaps the beach. I paired it up with some cute sandles by Xbody for a casual beach look.The fantastic skin I  am in was designed by 7 Deadly Skins, and is a special sale skin for the instore event, [B] UNiQue. It’s only 150L and comes with some appliers. Men, there is a sale skin there for you as well.


Poses & Props-
Xtreme Studio 

Clothing & Accessories-
 Dhmhtra sandals w studs HUD
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I spy in my little eye

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Bambi B

Skin: Glam Affair Eles America 02
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Oxidation (new colour) @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: Magika Itch New
Dress: N-Uno – Susie Dress Light Blue @ Cosmopolitan
Shoes; – Audrey.Pumps (Abyss)
Pose: Sari-Sari – Rainy Day
Wall: Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Fence
Trees: Grotto Cavern Landscaping Part of Mesh Fairy Woodland Forest Building Set With Seasons Hud 28Part
Cobblestones: Botanical Edged Brick Park Path
Lamps, Bin and Bench: N4RS Vondel Park Bench – Rusted

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The Music of Cursed Love

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Kess Crystal

cursed blog_001

Loving deeply is a blessing and a curse. The elation and joy of feeling a person in every pore of your skin and every fibre of your being can so quickly become despondency and pain of unrequited love. During our lifetime we usually experience more than one of both ends of the spectrum…if we’re lucky. That sounds a little crazy but I believe that you can never fully appreciate the amazing highs of being in love unless you have experienced the depths of the lows.

The Cursed Collection from MadPea at this round of The Arcade is an example of … Read more at the source.

Priestess or Sacrifice?

In Events, Fashion by Aerlinniel Roughneck

At the Temple of The Skulls, she watched the executioner as he did his work. Blood and gore were nothing new to her in this dangerous land. Dressed in her finest dress, sequins and silks sparkled in the moonlight. The night winds gently lifted tresses of raven hair like a lover’s gentle touch. The sound of breaking bones and parting flesh heard as another lost their head on the block. Was she there to watch, was she a witness, a priestess or was her turn on the block to come as well?


Poses & Props-

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Escape Is Provided

In Events, Fashion, iheartslFeed by Gidge Uriza

I’m hiding out in SL. No one can find me here. I’ve gone to one of Honour McMcMillan’s places and I’ve found the perfect spot to avoid the world. 

SL can be such a welcome distraction. Things to do abound, even when you’re alone.

At this selfsame place there is dancing, and a lot of it. I think I danced for a half an hour by myself, whirling and lunging to the beautiful music. Just touch the cello to dance? Yes. Yes I will.

The beautiful onlookers move subtly, amazing models that impressed me while I chose the next dance, … Read more at the source.

Return to Pern

In Events, Fashion by Aerlinniel Roughneck

One of my favorite book series was the Dragonriders of Pern and so when I found this sim, I had to put on something and take some pictures. I chose an outfit that would go well with the theme here, it was designed by Jinx, and horns as well that are just amazing. Both are available at the Fair Play Event opening on the 1st. Different colors available for both. The skin I am in is on special in the B UniQue event at 7 Deadly Skins, and only 150L It comes with two skin choices and appliers. It’s a … Read more at the source.

Move over Nanny McPhee

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Rwah

Move over Nanny McPhee

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – DRD Mystery mansion (Soon for the Arcade)
  • Suitcase – DRD (Soon for the Arcade)
  • Flowers – Botanical – Sunflower Set (NEW)
  • Hedge – Botanical
  • Fence – Apple Fall Bushmead Railing (Rust) (Box)
  • Path – {vespertine – tile skipping path/plain}
  • Trees and grass – Skye

On me

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